WORKING ENGLISH FOR WORKING PEOPLE – designed for people like you.

“I found the SyM Professional course extremely useful in improving my knowledge of the English that we need in the working world. Things change around us – language too- and this course kept me up-to-date”.
Saverio Cacopardi: Company owner.

*Exclusively available at official Speak Your Mind Network schools

Developed for working adults, SyM Professional is designed to ensure maximum participation as each lesson provides continual opportunities to express yourself in a range of practical and interesting professional contexts. At the same time Professional modules systematically build your work-related vocabulary to help you talk about your work – and perform your work with greater confidence.

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SYM Professional lessons:

  • Active lessons with full focus on work-place English and refined ELT product.

  • Up-to-date and relevant content success.

  • Practical activities to develop real-life skills

  • E-mails, telephoning, meetings, presentations

  • Wide variety of work-related contexts each lesson for high interest

Speak Your Mind + SYM Professional = the intellingent solution

“Most people who work in an international situation, and also people who have only occasional trips abroad or have visitors from other countries, know that most “Business English” is basically “English” – so the more English you know, the easier it is to do business. That’s why it makes sense to continue with the Speak Your Mind programme to build up your vocabulary and grammar and get constant speaking practice – and at the same time to develop specific work-related language and skills with the short Professional modules. This way, you really make the most of your time – and for working people, using time well is the most important thing of all.”

Exclusively available at official Speak Your Mind Network schools