We know there is no such thing as “the best course for everyone” – but you might easily find that Speak Your Mind could be the best course for you.

Speak Your Mind is a widely accessible General English course. We have always worked towards developing a method that is “open” and can accommodate as many people as possible. A look at any school’s waiting-room will show you teenagers, business people, retirees, university students, doctors and waiters

Who learns with Speak Your Mind


  • Young learners 11–15
  • Young learners 16–18
  • Young adults 19–25
  • Adults 25–40
  • Adults 41–60
  • Adults 60 +


  • Studies
  • Work
  • Personal
  • Other

“When you have a method and it’s effective at beginner level, and the same method evolves so it’s still effective and enjoyable at advanced levels – that’s really useful. That’s really good for everyone because the teacher can really concentrate on the most important thing – the students.”
R. Scott, teacher

English for Exams

When results count, you can count on Speak Your Mind – the record of exam-pass-rates demonstrates just how effective and complete the programme is. Schools where demand for international certification is strong can boast an average pass-rate of around 90%. Most associate schools organise preparation courses for LINGUASKILLS, BRIGHT / BRIGHT PROFESSIONAL Whatever exam you plan to take, the Speak Your Mind programme will take you up to the level you require in order to follow a short specific exam-preparation module (for levels and exams see The Programme).

SYM Professional

A completely original concept, SyM Professional is a practical and effective alternative to traditional Business English courses.
Developed for working adults, SyM Professional is a series of short modules designed to ensure maximum participation as each lesson provides continual opportunities to express yourself in a range of practical and interesting professional contexts. At the same time Professional modules also present specific work-related vocabulary to help you talk about your work – and perform your work with greater confidence.

• Active lessons with full focus on work-place English
• Up-to-date and relevant content
• Practical activities to develop real-life skills
• E-mails, telephoning, meetings, presentations
• Wide variety of work-related contexts each lesson for high interest

Company language training

Many corporate clients have seen the real advantages that language-training with Speak Your Mind can provide. Active, speaking-based lessons, clear lesson-to-lesson progress, no compulsory homework – this is part of the appeal to staff. High attendance-rates with good results, a structured programme with accurate in-time course monitoring and reporting – these are the reasons why quality language training with Speak Your Mind represents a sound investment for companies.

Groups and 1-1

Speak Your Mind is designed to be effective for groups and for 1-to-1 courses and most schools will offer that choice for students who need extra flexibility for lesson-schedules or prefer the complete focus of individual lessons.

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