Speak Your Mind is a unique franchise in France piloted by Excent Training. A commitment to diversity and a unique philosophy in the field of English teaching. Our goal is to create centres where all students naturally feel that they can succeed and where teachers can be proud of the results they see day by day and over the long term.


The story starts back in 1988, when after seven years’ teaching and school management experience in England and abroad, Iain McInally and his partner Monica Moro set up an English school in Verona, Italy: a school which would stand out in terms of student service and which could offer the public a clear alternative in teaching method.
Through the following years of development, trials and observation a completely original methodology took form and this soon saw the creation of the Speak Your Mind teaching programme. The classroom experience and the positive outcomes appealed to both learners and to teachers and the school’s success grew.
Word spread, with interest in Speak Your Mind crossing borders, and with this the spontaneous expansion of  the use of Speak Your Mind method around the world, confirming the appeal and the effectiveness of Speak Your Mind in a wide range of teaching situations.
“What’s good for the student is good for the school” and word-of-mouth has seen Speak Your Mind spread. We have a unique, tried-and-tested methodology which stands apart for its style and its effectiveness.
But a school’s success is not just about what happens in the classroom – and we have worked towards creating a whole new “model” of school – a school where a comprehensive infrastructure of procedures and best practices support the teaching to assure high standards and good outcomes for students.

France is ready for Speak Your Mind – and Speak Your Mind is ready for France. The interest that grew several years back has been rewarded and confirmed with our first partnership in France, with Solutions & Formations who have a depth of experience and acknowledged expertise in the training sector that is second to none.

“Most people want to learn to speak English, so that’s the first thing. Then, people want a course that works for them – people want results for their efforts, so the idea of efficiency is important. And thirdly, as much as possible, people want to enjoy learning if they are going to keep at it to make real progress.”


A lot has changed over these 25 years but the energy, enthusiasm and commitment to high professional and ethical standards that have always driven us remain the same.
Monica and Iain are still based in Verona, where the original Speak Your Mind school has established itself as the point of reference for teaching at all levels, from young children, to the corporate sector.
Verona also serves as a training and development centre. We have a top-class team working with us, providing a unique range of expertise and depth of experience covering all areas of school management, training and classroom teaching.

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